• Upper: Genuine Leather
  • Lining: Textile Lining
  • Footbed: Pigsplit Leather
  • Sole: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
  • Sizes: 24 to 28, 29 to 31, 32 to 36

Style# 1570
24 to 28 - Php 899.00
29 to 31 - Php 929.00
32 to 36 - Php 969.00

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Style# 1571
24 to 28 - Php 929.00
29 to 31 - Php 969.00
32 to 36 - Php 999.00

Style# 1572
24 to 28 - Php 979.00
29 to 31 - Php 999.00
32 to 36 - Php 1,029.00
35 to 42 - Php 1,499.00

Style# 1573
24 to 28 - Php 959.00
29 to 31 - Php 979.00
32 to 36 - Php 999.00

How to care for your leather shoes
  1. Your leather shoes need time to dry and breathe. Alternate them with a different pair for your everyday use, and they will last longer.
  2. Leather can mildew if itís stored while wet. Wipe off any excess water and moisture right after use then let your pair of leather shoes air-dry in a dry shaded, well-ventilated place.
  3. Leather can crack if heated, donít leave your leather shoes under the sun or near a heat source as this will cause the leather to crack and weaken the adhesives used in the shoes.
  4. For Shiny Leather (Nappa), polish your leather shoes regularly with a shoe brush and the proper shoe polish. This will keep the leather nourished, prevent cracks, and maintain its rich color and shine.
  5. For Rough Leather (Nubuck and Suede), regularly clean your leather shoes with a nylon or brass brush and applying a thin coating of Nubuck dressing will help maintain its rich color.


Facts you should know

Dear vlued customer,

It is our mission to ensure that each pair of Bibo shoes is hand-made using genuine leather of the highest quality. Because leather is a natural material, its color and texture may vary slightly from one pair to another. Natural markings or imperfections may appear on the surface of the leather such markings only serve as further indication that the shoes are made of authentic natural leather.



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